CoqPL 2015

The CoqPL workshop provides an opportunity for programming languages researchers to meet and interact with one another and members from the core Coq development team. At the meeting, co-located with POPL 2015 in Mumbai, January 2015, we will discuss upcoming new features, see talks and demonstrations of exciting current projects, solicit feedback for potential future changes, and generally work to strengthen the vibrant community around our favorite proof assistant.

The workshop format will be driven by you, members of the community. We will solicit abstracts for talks and proposals for demonstrations and flesh out format details based on responses. We expect the final program to include experience reports, panel discussions, and invited talks. Topics in scope include:

  • General purpose libraries and tactic language extensions
  • Domain-specific libraries for programming language formalization and verification
  • IDEs, profilers, tracers, debuggers, and testing tools
  • Experience reports from Coq usage in educational or industrial contexts

To foster open discussion of cutting edge research which can later be published in full conference proceedings, we will not publish papers from the workshop. However, presentations will be recorded and the videos made publicly available.

Please see the call for papers and consider submitting!

Program Committee:
Matthieu Sozeau, INRIA (Chair)
Maxime Dénès, University of Pennsylvania
Yves Bertot, INRIA
Zach Tatlock, University of Washington
Zhong Shao, Yale University
Xavier Leroy, INRIA
Georges Gonthier, Microsoft Research